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Posted (12/22/2006) - IMSA released a long awaited rules bulletin today regarding powerplant options and tunnels eligibility in the L2 class of IMSA Lites. The document announces the spec engine and outlines the option of using either a flat or tunneled West floor. Both of these floors are now homologated for the series. The tunneled floor must be fitted with approved blocking plates for competition in IMSA Lites. Ben Odenborg, Managing Director for West, said, "We're glad to have a formal ruling on this topic. These revised rules will allow West competitors to remain hyper-competitive in both IMSA and SCCA with minimal car preparation effort in transitioning between the two sanctioning bodies." Mark White of Accumoto Motorsport added, "This announcement should ease the pain in the decision making process for anyone contemplating taking the step from the club to the pro series. The L2 class is now far and away the best deal in professional motorsport. It offers a precision instrument that will be of significant value in two sanctioning bodies, allowing a potential competitor to become involved without the risk of owning a car that may be immediately depreciated due to it's series specific configuration."

Entry forms and additional information for IMSA Lites are currently available on the sanctioning bodies website www.imsaracing.net.

West is the championship-winning constructor of sports racing prototypes. With over 80 SCCA National and Regional wins and three SCCA National Championships in factory and customer racecars, West is the premier constructor of sports prototype racecars. For 2006 through 2011 West has been selected as one of two constructors providing racecars to the International Motor Sports Association's Sports Racer Championship - IMSA Lites. This historic prototype racing support series has been restored after a 13 year hiatus to support the American Le Mans series, the premier Prototype and GT endurance racing series in the world. You can contact West Race Cars by visiting www.westracecars.com or contact Ben Odenborg @ 503-283-1400.

Accumoto is a West Race Car distributor as well as being a full service race prep and support center with expertise in the West product line. Accumoto, owned ond operated by Mark White, is based in Madison, Wisconsin and has a stellar record campaigning West's DSR, CSR and IMSA Lites spec cars. White and the Accumoto team chalked up 15 victories in '05 and has multiple podium finishes in his WR-1000 in the IMSA Lites series.

To learn more about Accumoto visit www.accumoto.com or contact Mark White @ 608-575-1000.

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